Mar 8, 2010

Memory Verse Monday - Isaiah 41:10 on Fear

Lately we have been having a little visitor in our room twice a night. She is very cute in her snowman footy PJ’s and tousled hair but never the less she is not welcome in our bed!

 On her first trip to our room she is usually accompanied by the story of her bad dream. Now I do not hesitate for a moment to believe her. It is usually 2:00 in the morning when she comes and she is after all related to me, the queen of crazy dreams. Recently she told us that Grover ate her and it was dark in his tummy! So sad :o(

When you are a kid bad dreams come with the territory. Being small and having a big imagination can make a lot of things scary. So knowing that God is always with you can be a big help.

“Do not be afraid I am with you.”

- Isaiah 41:10 -

The creators of Veggie Tales made this the topic of their very first episode. If you do not know what Veggie Tales is let me first say WHAT!?!  I would strongly encourage you to try watching their videos with your kids. The creators of this show are 100% focused on teaching your kids about how much God loves them. Their second priority is teaching them awesome songs that even mom and dad enjoy. 

Their vidoes, books and cds are invaluable resources for raising kids who love God.  My kids are Veggie Junkies and I am happy about it. Check out their song based on Isaiah 41:10.

Veggie Tales are so wonderful that they deserve their own post so I will have to sing their praises on another day. So for now PLEASE go to your local library or your church library and check out a video. You will be happy you did!
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