Mar 4, 2010

Things for Kiddos Thursday - "I Know a Rhino" by Charles Fuge

We found this book at our local library 2 months ago. The kids love it so much we keep checking it back out!

I know a RHINO. We like to take TEA. I have two sugars and Rhino has THREE.

I know a PIG and we play in the DIRT. We always have MUD FIGHTS but no one gets HURT.

I know an APE and we keep in GOOD SHAPE, singing pop songs and dancing along to a TAPE.
["What's a tape?", asks Sweet Angel]

I know a HIPPO and when she's not BUSY, we spin round and round until we get DIZZY.

I know a DRAGON. He's scaly and bold. I look after him when he's got a bad COLD.

I know a GIRAFFE and we laugh and we laugh, blowing hundreds of BUBBLES when we take a BATH.

I know a BEAR and when it is SUNNY, we go for a picnic with brown bread and HONEY.

I know a LEOPARD who loves to get dressed. In a suit, tie and top hat, he's simply the BEST.

These are my friends. I know them you see. I know them quite well...

...because they live with ME!

They both enjoy this book very much.
Sweet Angel can "read" the whole book from memory and Little Buddy loudly exclaims all the capitalized rhyming words!

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