Mar 2, 2010

Tasty Tuesday - Daisy Birthday Cake

Last summer my good friend Sara and I took 2 cake decorating classes together. We took Wilton Course 1 and 2 from a local craft store. It was SO much fun! We learned how to make butter cream icing and royal icing flowers. Since then I have been making a birthday cake for each member of our family.

This last weekend we celebrated my mother- and sister-in-law’s birthdays and I made them this daisy cake. It is a white cake with raspberry butter cream filling and marshmallow fondant. The daisies are made out of gum paste.

I made the daisies first using Wilton's Floral Collection Flower Making Set. This book teaches you how to make 19 different flowers. This was my first try. I'm excited to try more.

32 Piece Floral Collection Flower Making Set- Fondant or Gumpaste

Roll out gum paste to 1/16" thick

Cut out your daisies

Roll the petals thin leaving the middle thick

Gently draw the lines

Allow them to dry over night in a curved flower tray

Stack them together alternating petals.
Attach using a small damp brush and white royal icing

Wet center with a damp brush

Place a chocolate chip shaped center using yellow royal icing

Shape it into a perfect circle using a your damp brush

Smile at your daughter who is patiently playing while you make a million flowers

Allow to dry for a few hours

Make your marshmallow fondant

Thank your husband for kneeding it for 10 minutes
Refrigerate overnight double wrapped in plastic wrap

Bake your cake
2-6" round and 2-8" round pans

Slice off the tops... make them level

Slice each layer in half

Pipe medium consistency rasberry butter cream around each layer

Fill the inside with thin rasberry buttercream icing

Trace your pan on card board to make a base

Stack your layers

Thow some thin butter cream on the out side using the same color as your fondant

Smooth it out
Don't worry about it being perfect

Roll out your fondant on a surface dusted with powdered sugar

Do not flip your fondant
Keep rotating it often and smoothing it with your hand in a circular motion

Lift with your hands and arms and place on top of the cake

Smooth with your hands

Cut excess with a pizza cutter

Have your husband measure and cut 3 pieces of a wooden dowel

Place them in your cake to support the top layer

Stack them up
Pipe around the two layers using yellow royal icing (not pictured)

Attach the flowers by wetting the back of each flower, the place where you are going to put it and using yellow royal icing

Happy Birthday Girls!

I will post recipes for the icing and fondant later.
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