Feb 5, 2010

Photography Friday - Getting Those Coveted Blurry Backgrounds

Like I said last week I am not a trained photographer. I'm just a mom who wants to take great pictures of my kids because they are the most beautiful kids on earth!

I have been reading and do you know what? I have found out how to blur the backgrounds of my pictures!!! How very VERY exciting. It’s all about aperture and depth of field. Now if you want all the technical reasons go ahead and search on-line. But if you just want to know how to do it read on...


Me practicing out side while playing with the kids in the snow.
By the way this picture was taken in October...What!

The easiest way to blur the background of your photo is to shoot in “Aperture Priority Mode”. On most cameras it will be on your dial along with "Automatic" mode and others like "Sports" mode. Take a deep breath and do something a little daring...turn that dial away from "Auto" and switch it to the "A" for Apeture Priority Mode. (Mine says "A" but yours may say "Av".)

Now all you have to do is decide how blurry you want your picture. There should be an "f number" (real photographers call it an "f stop") that you can change. It will say "f 4.6" or something like that. The smaller your "f stop" the blurrier the background. So read your manual and figure out how to make that number smaller.

The great thing about Aperture Priority Mode is it will take care of your Shutter speed and ISO for you. If you take pictures manually you have to know all about how the Aperture, Shutter and ISO affect each other. Apparently they are all connected in a triangle. But you don’t need to know that if you camera has this setting. This is awesome for me especially since I’m still pretty fuzzy about what ISO is!!

Me Practicing while Little Buddy plays with trains

Now here comes the tricky part. When lining up your shot you have to make sure you have a good enough background. If you subject is right in front of something it really doesn’t work very well. Bring it out away from the background.

Me Practicing while I have a tea party with Sweet Angel.
Notice the really nummy chocolate chip banana bread in the blurry background.

I hope you are able to try this out this week! It is so cool when it works!!

Come back next week for Memory Verse Monday! I will also share another resource for raising godly children.

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