Feb 10, 2010

Welcome Home Wednesday - Winning the Battle Against Laundry!

Now that we have covered meals and grocery shopping we might as well move right along to....LAUNDRY!

I know that most of us don't want to think about it... but it has to be done! I have noticed that kids and babies add a lot of love to a family as well as A LOT of laundry. I have been trying out new schedules and ideas to help keep it all under control. It was only recently after I was able to close my music studio that I feel like I have finally conquered it and it feels great...most of the time. Here are a few tricks that have helped.

#1 The Laundry Sorter
Now my laundry sorter is not nearly this beautiful. I would love to have this one but you know what, it is in my closet and holds my dirty laundry. So oh well. In fact mine "laundry sorter" is just 2 plastic hampers. One for colors/darks and one for whites/lights. And do you know what? They work great!!!

It's self explanatory. All you do is sort the laundry as you go. Stand in front of the beautiful laundry sorter that you ordered off line and sort as you get undressed and throw on your sweats. At the end of the day grab your dirty towels from the kitchen and bathroom and throw them in.

#2 Wash a load when one of your hampers is full - first thing in the morning.

The other great thing about the laundry sorter is that when it is full you just take it to the laundry room and throw it in. My laundry room is on our second floor with our bedrooms. Nice huh? So it only takes me about 1 minute to toss a load in and get it going.

Since I am home all day I throw it in before we go down for breakfast. I can usually get it in the dryer and have it ready to fold by bath time. My kids love taking baths. Little Buddy and Sweet Angel would stay in there all day if I let them. So it is a perfect time to visit with them while they play and I fold laundry.

If you work out of the home there are other options. Maybe throw it in first thing when you get home and are changing into your comfy clothes. Ask an older child or your husband to switch it to the dryer. It will be ready to fold by the time you sit down to watch The Office.

Do whatever works for you. As long as you are doing the laundry daily as soon as you see that your basket is full enough to make a load.

#3 Put it away RIGHT AWAY

This one is that hardest for me. I think the only thing that works is channeling your inner mother. Or maybe giving yourself a reward.

It's simple, put it away RIGHT AWAY. If you are folding while watching TV require yourself to put it away during the first commercial that you are done. If you are folding during bath time, or when ever, do it before you allow yourself to start a new activity. You will thank yourself later! I promise. Now that you are doing 1 or 2 loads a day this step really is not all that bad.

3 Tips to make it even easier:

1. I require my 3 year old to put away her own laundry. It's a simple chore that helps Mommy out A LOT.

2. When folding your laundry try to sort it out by person, type and drawer. I even stack it in the basket in order of whose dresser and which drawer I go to first, second, third...

3. Have a stack of hangers with you when you fold. I would rather spend time putting clothes on hangers while watching TV than standing in my closet.

#4 Keep the kids' laundry separate

I do my kids laundry separate from ours. It really is so much easier to sort out clothes when you are only sorting 2 people and not 4. They each have a small hamper in their room. I also use their hamper as laundry baskets for their clean clothes. That way Sweet Angel can carry her pink basket to her room and put it all away while I do Little Buddy's. Easy.

What tips do you have for winning the battle against laundry? Share your tricks and/or battle wounds.

I hope this helps you. Laundry is a battle we all have to fight. And I hope now you feel like you have better weapons to fight with!

Come back tomorrow for Things for Kiddos Thursday. I will be sharing a valentine craft.
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