Feb 24, 2010

Welcome Home Wednesday - Chores for the Kiddos

I think chores serve a very important roll in teaching our children many life lessons. They provide an opportunity for our children to learn life skills, responsibility and discipline. Most of all it teaches them that they are an important part of the family unit. For our home to run smoothly and be a nice place to live everyone needs to do their part. Kids totally love the feeling that they are special and the whole family needs them!

Little Buddy is 18 months old and is capable of doing many things. The main chore he does every day is clean up his toys when he is done playing. Several times a day both of my kids pick up all their toys before moving on to another activity.

There are lots of other chores he does every day. I usually just ask him to help out as the rest of us are working. He loves to help. It is so sweet to see him walk around saying, “helps, helps!”

Here are a few of the things that I ask him to do throughout the day…

Put his PJ’s in the laundry basket
Help put clothes in the dryer
Put his cup in the fridge
“Sweep” the floor
Help his sister set the table

Having your toddler do these “chores” might not really help you much now but it does start teaching him that helping mommy and doing chores are important. That will help you out A LOT later!

Now that Sweet Angel is 3 she does many more chores. Here is a list of her chores (not all of them are done daily) …

Make her bed

Get ready (brush teeth, get dressed, put away PJ's)

Put away her clean laundry

Sort socks

Help dust

Practice dancing

Put away toys

Do homework

Set the table

Clear the table
Put dishes in dishwaser

Do your children do chores? Are any of them different from what I have listed?

Come back tomorrow I will share a fun chore chart that your child can make!
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