Feb 26, 2010

Photography Friday – Thinking about Light

There are a lot of important things to consider when you are trying to take good pictures. Light is one of the most important and I have been ignoring it. Have you?

When I take pictures of my kids I am usually thinking about their smiles and just how gosh darn cute they are! Lately I have been trying to think about LIGHT.

The best light to use is natural light. So go and find a window. Place your kids facing the window and start talking to them. When they give you those cute expressions start to snap away.

Most of us probably think that great lighting follows around professional photographers. Yes I know they have more knowledge on the subject and insanely expensive equipment BUT they also take time to think about light and move their subject if necessary.
I have found that the table a perfect place to take pictures of Little Buddy. Not to mention a good time because he is usually happily eating!

There is a window directly in front of him and two windows on his right side. Those windows bathe him in natural light. You know it’s a good spot when the light shines in his eyes.

I zoom in and put his eyes in one of the top corners of the frame observing the Rule of Thirds. (Check out my post on the Rule of Thirds here.)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
 I'm making a fondant cake this weekend. I'll post pictures on Tasty Tuesday :o)
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