Feb 18, 2010

Things for Kiddos Thursday - Playing store with coins

Re-Post of Thursday's blog WITH pictures!
Original Post on 2/18/10

I have been teaching Sweet Angel all about coins lately. She has their names down so we have moved on to their worth. Playing store seemed to be the perfect game for practicing monetary worth. We play store all the time so I just added a few elements to a familiar game.

Here is what you need…

Merchandise (we used small toys)
Sticker price tags
Bag for the purchased items

Purse or wallet
Shopping basket or cart

Cash Register
(Anything that will sort coins will work)

Label the toys with prices

Have your child read the price tag, name the coin and tell you how much it is worth.

 Remeber to take turns being the shopper and the cashier.

Have Fun!

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