Feb 3, 2010

Welcome Home Wednesday - The Grocery List

Menu planning and grocery shopping go hand in hand. There is 1 thing that can make your shopping trip SO MUCH FASTER! A good grocery list.

To make a good grocery list you need 3 things:

1. Meal Plan
2. Grocery list template
2. Running Grocery list

Great news, the first thing is already done! Last week we learned how easy it can be to make a Monthly Meal Plan.

Next you need the grocery list template. I have made a custom grocery list that lists Wal-mart's grocery store aisle by aisle. (Click on the link to view it.) I have it typed up on the computer so I can print out a stack and store them in the cupboard by my recipes. Not only does it make shopping faster but it also helps prevent impulse buys.

You can down load my template if you wish. You will need to adjust it to which store you shop at. (Also note that I make it in Excel but print it without grid lines. That way I am able to write more under each section.) When making my template I leave bigger spaces for aisles that I usually need more in. Notice that there is lots of space under "produce" and 1 space under "pop/chips."

The last thing is your running grocery list. Keep a magnetic note pad on your fridge. I hang mine on the side of my fridge right next to my meal plan. As you run out of items write them on this list. You may also like to make it into 2 columns. One for the grocery store and one for another store you frequent like Target or Sam's Club.

Here we go again step by step...

STEP 1: Add the items on your running grocery list to your grocery list template. Record them in what aisle they are in at the store.

STEP 2: Take out your Meal Plan and recipes. Starting from the top look at each meal and its recipes. Record all the ingredients you need for them one by one. Again place each ingredient in its correct aisle.

STEP 3: Go to the kitchen and look around. See what you need for staples. Hopefully most of this will be taken care of by the running grocery list.

STEP 4: Grab a Caribou Coffee on your way to the grocery store. You deserve it!

Where do you like to grocery shop and why? Do you usually bring a list?  

Come back tomorrow for Things for Kiddos Thursday! I'm going to share a fun activity that both my 3 1/2 year old AND 16 month old love to play.
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