Feb 1, 2010

Memory Verse Monday - Ephesians 6:1 on Obedience

Happy Memory Verse Monday to you! I hope you have chosen to try this out with your children. Last Monday I blogged about how important it is to memorize scripture with your kids no matter what their age. If the verses I choose seem too long for your child you can shorten them according to the child's ability. They will still be hiding God's truth in their heart.

I think it is important for children to clearly understand what obedience is. Sweet Angel knows what the terms obey and disobey means. We use those words as we instruct her. That way it is clear that our request comes directly from God.

Children obey your parents in The Lord for this is right.

- Ephesians 6:1

This is one of the first verses I ever memorized with Sweet Angel. I chose it because obedience is a large part of a child's life.

God has placed us in our kid's lives to teach and instruct them. They are to obey us not because we are bigger, smarter, or older. Goodness knows it's not because we are always good and never sin! Children are to obey their parents because God commanded them to.

I think it's a really big responsibility to be in charge. Every time my kids disobey I need to respond. Hopefully not out of anger and frustration!

I have started reading a great Christian parenting book called Grace Based Parenting. The Author of Grace Based Parenting encourages us to look at how God responds to us as His children. The primary way God responds to us is Grace. He forgives us for our sins and even sent His son to be our Savior. Every day I sin and I am so grateful that God forgives me even though I make the same mistakes over and over again. Hmmm that sounds familiar. Who do I know that makes the same mistakes over and over again...?

When I first started reading this book I was concerned that the author was encouraging parents to be soft on kids and let them disobey. But that is not the point at all. We discipline and correct our children because we love them and want them to follow God's ways. Grace should be the filter that we send our discipline through.

I think that when our children disobey and we have an opportunity to discipline and correct we should try to do it with grace. Show them love, give them forgiveness, and let them know that God does the same thing for mommy too! A great verse for us to remember as we instruct and dicipline them is Colossians 3:21 - "Fathers [parents] do not exasperate your children, so that they may not lose heart." We are to be patient and gracious as we discipline them for God is ever so patient and gracious to us!

Do you have a favorite parenting book? How have you taught your children about the importance of obedience?

Come back tomorrow for Tasty Tuesday. I am sharing a tasty healthy meal my whole family enjoys!
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